Monday, April 23, 2007

a different world

i've seen these words lately... in reference to a song by a man that was the 8th runner up on american idol. i read the words because the title made me think of a show i really used to like a long time ago called the same thing... i wrote them today because sometimes i think there's a world entirely in my head, completely different from the one around me. and i'm not just talking about the elephant and the blind men stuff from the Bible, although maybe it's the same and i'm just being melodramatic. but it seems different. (hehe)

anyway, suffice to say, i feel a little out of touch, a little shaky in my ability to trust my interpretations, and just a little disconnected from everyone and everything. but when i'm not fighting that sensation, it's not so bad. just a little less intense.

what's the opposite of repressed? damn, i already packed the thesaurus...

ok, well, back to life. i'm sure there are things to be done. even though i have to keep the house in a condition that doesn't look like anyone does any REAL living here, i do think there might be a few things that need to be done... prayer going out for this house to sell....


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