Thursday, August 13, 2009


just a quick update...i have been sick since saturday night. and it sucks. started in my throat, then took over my head and face and neck, then just kind of hung out all over there for a day, now my throat is all phlegmy and hurts and i sound like a boy going through puberty. i'm also pretty tired, but i am getting some energy back today, i think. spent all of sunday in bed, though. can't remember the last time i did that.

so life goes on and there's lots everyone's going through, but it's funny how being sick can just kind of push all of that to the proverbial backburner. i mean, you've still got to deal with it in the moment, but process it too? nah. save it for a rainy day, right?



JO said...

Feel better, mama. Let me know if you need some chicken soup. (I make tortilla with habanero when I make chicken soup, so it sure clears out the sinues....) :)


*Jess* said...

feel better hon :)