Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day and stuff

here's a picture of my oldest and me. this is the night of his first prom. he's a sophomore. there had been some drama with his girlfriend in the week leading up to prom, but he is a wise one, and he'd decided to let that go and enjoy this event. i think he had a blast. i wasn't sure if it was inappropriate to ask if i could take a picture with him before his date had even seen him yet (hey, i'm working out the boundaries on this "having a young adult for your child" deal...). anyway, he assured me that it was absolutely fine. he looks a lot like his dad. i sent my mom a picture of him and his date and she said it reminded her of when my spouse and i used to hang out in high school (but we never dated in high school...).

mother's day was good. all those years i told my spouse that he didn't really have to get me anything?'s a lot more fun when they get you something. and if you can get them all to go to church with you and then out to dinner, it's most excellent.

but i have a sick one at home. and life has settled some. so i am looking forward to the week.

peace out

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ana @ i made it so said...

oh wow, so grown up! mama, you look amazing. happy (belated) mother's day!