Thursday, January 25, 2007

finding the way....

so i'm getting back on track...finding my way back to a place where i feel productive and valuable but am still kind to myself. i've given myself a long time on the computer today, trying to read what was important, handle what i need to...even blog!

one of my foster bunnies--one of a pair of males, will and max--had babies monday. yep, baby bunnies. so now they're willa and max. but it's cool to watch because she's such a great mom. one of the other volunteers in the group had a rabbit have one baby and not touch it. that would've killed me to watch. because these guys fed the baby and stuff. but i couldn't have done that. i would've just let nature take it's course. but mama willa rocks and the babies are growing so fast!

i also joined a new mama forum online. i really like these women, and i've got to get myself a little more computer literate, because everyone else has these great pics of their kids and stuff and i'm totally plain... which is fine for now, but i'd like to learn eventually.

things are settling down among my family members, too. i guess sometimes peace is something you can't express in words, you can just kind of sit still and let wash over you and through you. but i do want to say i love my mama tribe out here. these women rock and i hope they realize that even if we're not in the same city, they will always be residents of my heart...


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