Wednesday, June 27, 2007

home, sweet home (again)

now we're in the new home. it's a very comfortable space and we've been working hard to make it ours. i don't know if the climate change is getting to me or what, but today, i am sleepy and not in the mood to do much. and i'm going to be ok with that. it's been one of the rainiest june's in texas i'll blame it on that.

this is quite possibly the sweetest neighborhood i've ever lived in. i know back in our first home in our home town, one of our neighbor's brought something baked and another stopped by to invite us for coffee (or a beer, "if that was our taste"), but we've met all three of the neighbors in this culdesac, and two have brought baked goods and one we just met while she was cutting her grass. they were all so kind and sweet and, well, i hope i don't totally screw it up by being a social jerk... (crossing my fingers) :)

ok, just wanted to check in...

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