Thursday, June 28, 2007

i don't have a title for this one

because i'm not sure what it's about...

there's so much going on, yet none of it particularly stands out in my consciousness as a specific topic...

it is amazing the amount of rain we have had since moving in. i know there was a lot of rain before we moved here, but it's just kept on coming since we got here. cleansing, refreshing....yadayada

my stomach hasn't been right since we got here either... ;)

the boys are doing really well. my bil came by last night and worked with n on a computer drafting program to start plotting this kayak he wants n to help him build. it fascinates me, but i can't help but wonder if they're really going to do this... i don't know. it'll be interesting to watch the project develop as well as their relationship. watching them together, along with N, and i'm just so glad we moved out here.

N's family is coming up this weekend. he doesn't know it, but they're going to do some sort of surprise congratulations party for him. i'm sure it'll be sweet.

he's excited about starting residency. he's also nervous. but i think, from what i've seen, first year residents (aka interns) don't have that much responsibility. i mean, yes, it's more than i'd be ready to have. but comparatively, it's much less than the more experienced residents. i think they increase your responsibility as your experience increases. so he's only pulling call once next month, while fourth years are pulling lots of call... he'll be fine. this will be a good thing.

ok, i think that's about it for me...
peace out

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