Wednesday, December 26, 2012


i am going on vacation.  the last big vacation we went on was two summers ago, when we drove to new jersey.  that is a long drive from texas.  it was especially long coming home because my husband and oldest son flew back and it was just the four younger ones and i.  but we made it.  and we were bad asses.  and it was cool.  and exhausting.

so tomorrow morning, at 4am, we're heading to colorado.  really, we're heading to santa fe.  we'll drive to colorado the next day.  but we're doing it.  it's been awhile.  the spouse will be present for both legs of the trip.  awesome.  my guys have gotten so much bigger...i mean physically bigger...i'm a little nervous about how comfortable we'll all be on the road.  but i think we'll be fine.

can i say one weird thing?  usually, i resist all of the technological advancements...the old school stuff they replace.  but can i tell you how much cooler it is to pack an ipad and a nook instead of a computer or even a television and vcr (yes, we did this...probably ten years ago on the way to the grand canyon or colorado or somewhere) and a ton of books and gameboys and games is really so much simpler.

life has been so incredibly busy.  i think i have changed my posture and my musculature from all the anticipation and stress and just physical ready-ness and lack of relaxation.  my neck and throat are just always so freaking tight.  i wonder if this contributes to thyroid issues?...  anyway, i digress.  i am looking forward to a chance to rest.  to relax.  to sit and not have anything to do, nothing to plan, nothing to be preparing to do.  it sounds like a foreign country to me.  but definitely a place i'm interested and intrigued by.

so i'll be outie for a week and a half.  (like i haven't taken years long breaks without mentioning...)  but i do have a wedding reception to attend the night we're coming home.  and i'm thinking it's going to be crazy awkward and probably something we regret making the effort to attend.  but i have to say, we never have one of those "i'm SO GLAD we went" moments after the events we don't attend.  so we're going to give this one a try.  i feel like we're getting close to letting those opportunities go...but for now...we're not quite ready.  at least not today.  and probably not next saturday.  but after that, who knows?  life is too short to hold a grudge and turn away from people you love.  but life is also too short to keep throwing yourself (and your five kids) against a brick wall.  when you're this tired, the line between those two things isn't so thin.

see you on the other side...
peace out

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LanaTron said...

Nice that you're still writing. I have a million things in my head I could blog about, but just never seem to do it.

Maybe some things are better left unsaid. lol

Talk to you soon.