Wednesday, January 23, 2008

third born son

here's my beautiful third born doing his "thang" in new mexico. he has fairly simple needs and is learning to meet them. he didn't need to learn something new like his brother (snowboarding). he just stuck with what he already knew and had a blast doing it.

he likes to go fast. he doesn't turn much. we bought him a shirt that said, "why turn if you don't have to?" he bends his knees when he wants to slow down. he sits down when he really needs to slow down. (like when he turned and went down a black diamond run on husband told me two nights ago that for a minute there, he thought we'd lost o...i'm glad he waited til we were home to share that...)

my third born son is so passionate. and he is incredibly stubborn. he will be curled up next to you like a kitten, shamelessly asking for affection. and then he'll be yanking and kicking and wrestling with his teeth bared before his spot on the couch is cooled. he wears me out with his extremes. and he honestly looks so bewildered by how worn out i get... he doesn't use his words enough to express his feelings...but he will go on and on about video games, pokemon, and any book he's reading. his favorite is dr. seuss.

he has double set by his smile and the other by his eyes.

he is my easiest child to physically provide for. he is more demanding emotionally than i can keep up with most days. he can play board games for hours....

i identify with him more than i usually like to admit. maybe if i learn to treat myself more kindly, i'll also heal some of the difficulty i have with this beautiful child. but for all his extremes, he is very forgiving and usually optimistic. he makes the world a better place.


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corscorp said...

Such beautiful children!

this is more than a blog comment, though. APU is shut down until they can fix and upgrade it so we're all at the temp board. here's the URL.

see you there! :)