Monday, February 16, 2009

pull yourself together, man

can everyone just call and say those words to me? it's just been kind of a scattered day...

i didn't wake up with my alarm this morning. it's the kind of thing you know will probably happen one day, but not today, because we have shit to do today, right? well, today was the day. it was teen's ride to class knocking on the door that woke me up. actually, i think it was teen's ride's mother calling my cell phone to figure out where the hell we were that woke me up, but i was out of bed wondering what was going on when the ride knocked and i realized what, exactly, was going on here. ugh.

wake up teen...teen throws on clothes, brushes teeth, throw hair in ponytail...put three other sleeping kids in car...throw on slippers and brush my own teeth and we're all hauling ass down the highway in less than ten minutes. he was only five minutes late, but got there before his professor.

but that left three kids and i stuck an hour away for two more hours. so we walked through the grocery in our pajamas, got some breakfast, and sat in the car eating it, listening to harry potter on cd until teen came out. rough way to start the day...

now, i sit here realizing i still have to prepare my stuff for co-op classes tomorrow...and i need to bake for this week...and i think i have a few more pairs of clean underwear. so really, call me...but don't keep me on the phone because i've got shit to avoid doing, er, i mean do. thing i did do today. friend of mine called last week. she'd had a bad week. a really, really, relapse for an alcoholic who'd been sober for seven years bad kind of week. so she checked herself in to the hospital for some help. i was stunned. i told her that was one of the sanest responses i'd heard to extreme stress in a long time (and yes, i'm including my own responses here, ok?). and i thought about that for the next day...and then i told my spouse i was doing something without him or the kids this weekend. for saturday. once he gets off work. so i called this friend. she lives two hours away. and we may meet in the middle (which happens to be austin, so rock on for that) and hang out saturday. now, this may not seem like a huge accomplishment...but for someone who can put things off for decades at a time, i feel pretty good about it.


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*Jess* said...

Tomorrow will be another day.