Monday, February 9, 2009

quick stop

i am too tired for a full blog, but let me put these two things that've been bumping around in my head lately...

a couple of definitions...

love delight in; admire; greatly cherish

obedient submissive; dutiful

(i had to use the second definition on both of those because the first broke the rule against using a word to define itself...sheesh, even my philosophy kiddos know better than that!...)

okay, and then this last thing...talking to my friend christian last night...he's a recovering alcoholic and addict...for the first two years of being sober, he thought he was supposed to trust in a higher power for help solving his problems. turns out, the wording on the manual said he was supposed to trust in a higher power to solve his problems. he said, "hey, that's not the same thing...i think i know where i'm fucking this up." and that killed me...just killed me. it is the most hilariously brilliant thing i've heard someone say, well, at least in the last two days.

and that's all i got...
peace out

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