Wednesday, February 18, 2009

don't think twice

i have a post about support difficult it can be to give, how difficult it can be to receive, but basically how it's what heals the universe...well, mostly. but i ran today. and i'm feeling a little more focused than i have in a few weeks. and the teen's calling for some help. and since we still have piano and third born has his first soccer practice tonight, i think the support thing may have to wait. but that's okay because i think it may take a few blogs to get it all down anyway.

so here's a's not the one i chose while i was on the treadmill today. i really wanted a song by the indigo girls called "the language or the kiss" but it was not to be found on you tube. so i ran across this one...i'd never heard it before today. i like the three women (brandi carlile's singing on this one, too) just up there playing their guitars. and amy's mandolin makes me think of my friend jen. and i just love them, so there.


ps--i need some help and i suck at asking for maybe some prayers for my grandmother who they think had a stroke, my mother who ablated (sp?) her thyroid monday, my stepfather who had a prostate biopsy yesterday, and other various friends and loved ones...if you've got a little space on your to-do list. thank you.


*Jess* said...

You've got my positive healing vibes going on for your family.

Now I have "Don't think twice, its alright" by Peter paul and Mary stuck in my head!

JO said...

Your family is definitely in my prayers.

JO said...

And now I must go practice my mandolin!! :)