Friday, April 10, 2009

powerful stuff

i tell you, you ask people to send some prayers for someone, and great things happen.

my aunt's doing really well. she's back, according to my mom. she knows who she is, where she is, who the folks around her are. good stuff. not sure if the meningitis was bacterial or viral. she's getting better and they are giving her antibiotics...but nothing grew out in her cultures. so...i'm inclined to believe it's viral and improving with antibiotics is just coincidental. my mom agrees. (she's a clinical nurse specialist in oncology...we love working out these little details in our heads together...doctors aren't too concerned with the specifics because she's improving...but we LOVE mindfucking, er, i mean going over the details...) so thank you for all those prayers...i know some awesome pray-ers, i'm pretty sure.

and my niece...she should be going home today, which is five days early, if you're counting. the nicu she stayed in (which is also the one my thirdborn stayed in when he made his appearance a bit early, you know, like five weeks early) has a policy that the parents must spend the last night there at the hospital with baby before baby is discharged. mostly it's so they can learn any equipment or dressing changes or whatever. but, as we learned with our son, even when none of that is an issue, they still want you to stay that night before discharge. so my bil and sil stayed the night last night and everyone should be heading home today. good stuff... hoping i can see her at easter, but thinking probably not. and because i remember how tender a mama is once she brings her little one home after that little one has spent the first week or weeks of life in a box and not in mama's arms...i'm okay with that.

so we will travel home for an evening to celebrate easter with my spouse's family. after he finishes his research project presentation today. and we go to the dinner for this thing tonight. ("you can't be overdressed for it, marci"...this does not instill confidence in me...ugh) then we come home from traveling, have two nights at home, and then we're off to the fll world festival til next sunday. as excited as i am to be able to do this, i am really looking forward to when this is done. i'm ready to be a little bored for awhile. i want to soak in boredom....bathe in it....roll around in it. then i want to pick things to do spontaneously...because i can....because there isn't already something on my calendar for that day, that moment.

almost there, my little smurfs.


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