Wednesday, May 2, 2012

let's try again

i found a big orange button with a pencil on it.  apparently, that's the symbol for publish in this new format.  only i'm typing and publishing has NOTHING to do with a pencil.  so that's stupid.

i have a hellacious headache today.  (i was going to type "this morning," but it is after 1:30 in the afternoon, so...yeah...)  an old friend of ours came to visit last night.  he and my spouse went to pharmacy school together.  yeah, that was my husband's first degree, if you're counting.  which makes him really kind of an old friend.  i remember when he came to our house after our oldest son was born...just a little peanut we were all staring at, not really sure what to do with him...we'd poke him every now and then.  anyway, the friend came in once and picked up this breast pump i'd been using.  he held it up and said, "what's this?  a graduated cylinder?"  it was pretty funny.  i remember him setting it down and wiping his hands on his jeans when i told him what it was.  good times.

this friend would come over often and we'd barbecue and make margaritas.  (you know, once we were legal...which wasn't until our oldest was almost a year old, but that's not really relevant to the story)  this friend was the one i handed my oldest to when he was 14 months old and cut his toe open on barbecue tongs...cut it to the bone...and when i looked at his toe and almost fainted, i handed him to this friend.  (i was fine after i splashed some water on my face...made it to the sink before the whole world went dark)

anyway, it was this awesome gift that this guy emailed me to let me know he'd be in town and did we want to get together.  we didn't barbecue.  (five kids to run around and an ob/gyn spouse...who has time anymore?...and that's what barbecue restaurants are for, right?)  but we did buy the stuff to make margaritas.  it was had been so long since any of us had made margaritas...we couldn't remember how much tequila vs. how much triple sec...that made us all feel old.  but we put a decent batch together.  and talked and talked.  until midnight!  (i animals, right?!?!)  and i am dying today.  well...just the headache.  (and the eye aches and i'm so tired...)  but i feel a little younger.  and happier.  and healthier.  my husband said it was "interesting" how easily we all slipped into our old friendship.  (my husband...some parts of him have gotten so much wise and some parts have so much more clinical...)  he said we were like a comfortable pair of shoes.  it was cool.  next time i'll have a smaller margarita.  for now, i'm going to go take some tylenol.


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