Thursday, May 24, 2012

looking for light

i'm a little stressed out.  it's a stressful time...i don't think i'm overreacting or anything.  and i KNOW things will work out and i'm blessed and there's much good going on.  that's my faith.  but there's still this anxious, stressful part of now that i just can't ignore and or make go away.  house stuff, kid stuff, family stuff, marriage stuff...yep.  but i'm going to focus on the cool stuff.  some random cool things...

-my sister is going to make peach jam.  this just makes me all kinds of happy and i can't wait to hear all about it and maybe even taste some.

-my oldest son did really well on his SAT.  he even made a perfect score on the reading section.  i get the objections to standardized testing and i know a good score doesn't make him any better of a person today than he was before he knew the score.  but it does open the field right up for college acceptances and, even more important, academic scholarship money.  because now that his dad's a doctor and all, we won't qualify for financial aid (even though we will be paying that medical education off for the next nine years...just sayin).

-my second and third born boys are on a robotics team that got second place at a world robot competition over the past weekend.

-my fourth born got to sleep in my bed while sons 2 and 3 and dad were at previously mentioned competition.  he loved it.  and so did little sister.  and really?  so did i.  i miss him and was grateful for the chance to be close.

-littlest girl is hilarious.  and brilliant.  and a bit of a drama queen, but the other two traits make the drama bit a little easier to take.  i am trying to think of something funny and brilliant that she said lately, but what keeps coming to mind is her wearing her matching shirt for her brothers' robotics team, the geekos, and being so proud of it saying, "i LOve my geeko shirt."  which is not really hilarious or brilliant, but it's really cute coming out of a two and a half year old's mouth.

-we bought a trailer.  this is particularly exciting to me because there have been many times i have wanted a trailer.  i still have to ask my sister to tell me how to steer it.  (i know she's told me before, but i can't remember this stuff anymore.)

-our house we are renovating is almost finished.  it's really pretty close.  almost 100% finished.  i'm sure it will be awesome when it's 100%.  my guys knocked down the chicken coop that was blocking a pretty nice view (seriously?  who puts the chicken coop right outside their dining room windows?).  so that's the good house stuff.

-my book club is reading an anne lamott book this month.  that's pretty freaking cool.  a mama who hasn't come in awhile says she might come.  that's even cooler.  if it's at my house, should we actually be living in it by then, that would probably make me explode from the coolness.  but in a good way.

so i'll stop there. 


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JO said...

I have missed you sooooo much. :)

<3 J