Tuesday, May 1, 2012

what the hell?

i finally make it over here to blog and the format of it all has been changed.  now i can't even remember what the hell i was going to say.  it took me five minutes just to get to where i could type something and even then, i'm not sure where the publish button is.  oh, i see it.  i am too old for these changes.  or maybe just too tired to try to figure them out.  which is the same thing, now that i see it written out.

i need to relax.  drop my shoulders.  stop tensing my extremities and using my core more.  letting it be my core again?  that's kind of a weird concept to visualize.  when your core is no longer what you move yourself with.  no wonder we're all out of whack.

i sent my sister a dooce blog about farting.  well, it was really about the pacific northwest, but it had one damned funny fart story in it.  i almost fell out of my chair and snorted an air embolism into my brain trying not to scare the kids and pee my pants while i read it.  my sister did the same.  god i love my sister...same crazy mother who cried if we mentioned farts...close enough to my age to have similar bladder control issues.  that's the basis for love right there.  my husband and oldest son, on the other hand...they read the story and barely smiled.  and i would've thought they were clearly broken, except i think it was some act of rebellion...some show of solidarity.  and it pissed me off.  but i let them have their bonding.  they wash their own clothes...i can let them be asses sometimes.  plus i started my period today, so that may have had something to do with why i took their refusal to laugh so personally.  ("yeah honey, it's a cute story..."...can you hear my eyes rolling?)  but i reread it this morning just to be sure.  it didn't make me have to pee this time around.  but it was still pretty fucking funny.


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swolff1978 said...

I have this and this alone to say...

"when somone probably four stalls down from mine lets out a fart that almost sends her flying up through the concrete in the ceiling, out the roof of the building. It was a five-syllable fart, a cockadoodledo fart, a fart that shook me and every other person in that bathroom out of our mortal coils."