Thursday, January 8, 2009

i'm happy for my teen

he got invited to join the rock climbing team at the gym they climb at. the team is really expensive to be a part of and we've always had to turn their offers down. but they are going to try to work out a barter with him where he'll volunteer there a couple of days a week in exchange for his team dues. tonight was his first practice with them...i really think he's going to hurt tomorrow...a lot. but he was flying high when he got home tonight.

he also got a letter from a magazine he wrote a letter to for our robotics team, sharing our research project. the magazine asked him to write an article. when he read the letter, he said, "that's sort of cool..." his dad and i were like, "yeah that's cool!!!"

he's also decided to take a ballroom dancing class. now, this is for the girls, i know. he also did dance at my niece's wedding last may and his dad and i are definitely not the ones to teach him how to improve in that... and i am okay with it being for the girls. like lanatron reminded me, it's a safe, fairly controlled environment in which he will be able to get into a girl's space. sounds like a perfect situation to me...for now. (please allow me my "pollyanna" moment...)

and he starts his dual enrollment class next monday. and the co-op starts back up the next week, along with his rock climbing class and piano lessons. it's going to be a busy semester. and i think the summer will be spent making some decisions about what is truly important because while i don't yet know exactly what pace this semester will require, i'm already wondering if i can maintain it for the full semester...



JO said...

Yay for all sounds good. I know it's hard to let 'em grow up, but it's good too. Hugs, mama.

*Jess* said...

that is so awesome :)