Friday, January 30, 2009

life is good

i spend a lot of time driving right now. today, on the road, this was a song my five year old heard for the first time and really, really liked... (and i realize this is one cheesy assed video, but i couldn't bring myself to post young teenage girls dancing to this song and all the other good ones were embedding disabled, so here ya go...)

so here's the song i heard today on the road for the first time and liked. it's a little idealistic, yes, but i think if i squinted one eye and tilted my head a little sideways, it could almost be a song between my spouse and i. but maybe i'm just goofy like that...

i'm not splitting hairs or was a fun car ride. i do find it a little disturbing that my five year old has such a definite preference for rap music, but it'll all wash out in the end, i'm sure...i think it will, i think it will, i think it will...

it has been a long week. a growing, stretching, learning, thinking kind of week. and it's been good. but it's also good to rest a little on the weekend. and i am looking forward to that...oh, am i looking forward to that.


ps--i rarely ever do this, but i have to recommend a blog. i just added it to my blog roll yesterday...margaret and helen. they're 83 and willing to call it like they see it...omg, i love reading this blog...they are brilliant.

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LanaTron said...

Just steer him towards the rap that's political and about social's still out there, mama, even if it's not what gets airplay.