Saturday, March 21, 2009

hey guess what?

the indigo girls have a new cd coming out...great joyous dancing... my sister called me while i was in san francisco to tell me they'd be in austin in may. i really want to go, but i have a feeling my spouse will give me that look that says, "we can't afford to do something so frivolous." and if you think i'd be misinterpreting the look, i'm sure right after he gives me the look, he'll say something like, "that's a lot of money to spend on concert tickets"...sigh...he has such clearly delineated lines when it comes to stuff like that.

but if you go to amazon, you can listen to little snippets of the songs...i KNOW we can at least afford the damned cd. :)



*Jess* said...

Price them anyway! When they came here, they were insanely cheap, less than $30 if I remember. Totally worth it :) He can give you that look all he wants, but you still need to go see your girls :)

earthmama said...

hey jess, you were right. we bought the tickets... (big ass grin, jumping up and down, laughing, too...thanks for being there for me, mama <3 )