Wednesday, May 16, 2007

just keep swimming, yeah, yeah, yeah

left foot, right foot, breathe... it's all good. ok, that's an overstatement. it's all...yeah, that's right.

so our agent just dropped the ball, didn't care, overstated what he was capable of, underdelivered... man, i just didn't want that to be it. (man, my chest is hurting today) now, well, now we'll just see. because i'm having a hard time giving a fuck. i was on the ride, and i was COMMITTED...just like i thought everyone else was committed. well, that turned out to be a load of shit. so whatever... i just want to get somewhere so the kids and i can pull our school stuff out and start having stuff in common again. the animals can start getting a normal groove on. maybe we can plant some stuff... i just want to put down some roots. i've been pulling these up and hoping for the best, but it has been windy and i am worn and sore and weary...

but there are many i'm raising up these days. and to all those loved ones (whether they know it or not) thanks...i love you all. sorry for the frustration and self pity, but i am also raising you up pretty wholly.


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