Monday, May 21, 2007

whoa...hug your kids

so today was a thought-provoking kind of day. i went to visit a friend, and not far down from her house (not far at all) there was an accident. a young man on a motorcycle ran into a tractor. those who saw it said he didn't look very good. but after listening to them describe his injuries, i think there's a chance he'll make it. we'll have to see...

it was weird driving up on the scene. it was just a house or two down from my friend's house, and there were all these lights--firetrucks, police was obvious someone was hurt. and i was scared for a minute it was someone who lived in my friend's house. but then i figured it was too close to me, not close enough to her... i was relieved. but sad someone in our human tribe over here in the texas coastal area was hurt. everyone thought he was dead. i can't even imagine seeing a person crumpled on the ground bleeding. apparently, his leg was pretty badly injured. but that won't necessarily kill him... we'll just have to see. i think jeanni and i were praying at the same time...or nearly the same time...for this kid, with our families.

she kept talking about kids thinking they were bulletproof. what i know is that i can't protect them from they grow into their own people, they will always choose ultimately. hell, even o, at seven, posed the "big question"...."AM I FINISHED YET?" to which was responded, "NO". kids escape death so often, and so many times without anyone else knowing how truly deeply they "questioned".... maybe that's it. or part of it. kids are more in tuned with their mortality. the further we get from that separation of individual spirit and collective goodness, the more we falsely convince ourselves we are in charge and it is up to us to stay alive. maybe that's why little ones wear out big ones. because they are flexible and free, not just in their bodies or young consciousnesses, but in their spirits, where it matters. and we, well, we're kind of stiff and tethered to our defenses, our comforts, our habits. i will think about this today. and not the other crap that's clogging my brain...hehe


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