Monday, May 21, 2007

keep on keeping on

man, ain't that the truth?

continued house hunting...put in an offer on a house we really like...we'll see what comes back. we set a deadline--tomorrow at 5pm...we're learning, we're learning. so we've somewhat got a handle on that. or are getting a handle.

came home and slept like a rock. i sleep much better when i don't go crazy with the drinking. which makes eating the better vice...but i was kind of enjoying slimming down a little... where's the balance?

mama tribe stuff is still a little wonky. all i can do is try to be the best i can be. i know i was ugly, and i apologized, and i can't let the ugly time define me...although i usually would. but i've tried to make things right, and i deserve forgiveness just as much as the next person. so i refuse to hide. but, well, it's tempting... it's almost as hard to make myself go out and act like i am ok about this as it would be just to ball up and disconnect... and i'm sure, one day down the line, i'll be able to find the wisdom and life lessons in all of this...

for now, i'll take the kids visiting a bit.
peace out

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