Tuesday, August 14, 2007

family and going with the flow

ok, it's official...my sister and i have a favorite brother...it's the kayak. :) we had a really good time last weekend, spending the day with my sister and her girlfriend at their campsite on inks lake. we took our kayak and the raft, since we haven't picked up the new kayak yet. we also didn't have enough oars and paddles and, well, we are so ready for the next time we do that!... (yes, we've bought oars for the raft and paddles for the new kayak...or maybe it's paddles for the raft and oars for the kayak?...i haven't looked that one up)

we worked so hard and it felt so good and we had just so much damned fun. and then they fed us (which is huge because we are six people and it's not like it just takes an extra few pieces of bread or something). it was what everyone needed.

and then we came home and visited with p and c and baby s sunday. just hung out and then ran errands (to buy our stuff). yesterday, though, was a really, really slow day around here. i think sometimes, when you overdo it and overexert yourself, there's this big release of maybe pent up energy, maybe just a general cleansing of the channels (i am so amateur at this). but n was in a real funk yesterday, and he seems a bit better today. N and i were also kind of edgy, but not too bad.

so we're having a party for the kids this weekend. and i hope some of those who we invited can make it. we've had a couple of family members say they can't make the party, but a number will drop by at some point the next day. it's really cool. i mean, there are things that i could pick up and take personally or get pissy about, but for the most part, if i keep my hands in my pockets and off of other people's shit...life is so much better.

i've been running lately. and i ran today. and it was like, "oh, i just ran." you know, like "i just did some dishes." when something inside of me still wants a parade...like, "I AM RUNNING!!! I AM BEING HEALTHY EVEN THOUGH I REALLY JUST WANT TO EAT POTATO CHIPS AND CHOCOLATE, DRINK BEER, AND SIT ON MY ASS AND READ AND IGNORE MY KIDS MOST OF THE TIME!!!" that's kind of parade-worthy, isn't it?

oh, speaking of reading...i posted a link to the brotherhood 2.0 website. it's a really good site. one of the brothers is a man named john green, and he writes young adult fiction. i am reading a book he wrote called "looking for alaska" that won the printz award for young adult fiction. the dust cover made a reference to the spirit of j.d. salinger living on, which just about made me have an orgasm, so of course, i had to read it. and i'm liking it. i'm thinking about handing it over to n. i'm wondering if reading about it is adequate exposure to drugs, drinking, cigarettes, sex... maybe it'll quell the desire to experiment? haha, am i kidding myself or what? i'm just not sure how i feel about it. but i really like the book. i guess i'll just have to see how it all resolves itself...

ok, off to find something to do. laundry would probably be a good thing...sigh...

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