Monday, August 20, 2007

i'm a mess--don't tell me

i am such a mess.

first of all, i think we're getting some cold/cough thing from baby s. p's going that way, and my head has a lot of pressure, sneezing, etc...

second of all, it was an emotional weekend. emotional because n turned 13. emotional because my in laws all came but they just aren't getting along so there is stress there. emotional because my family came and i was proud and overwhelmed. emotional because i got drunk and pretty much embarrassed myself by, well, being drunk. emotional because N did not like me getting drunk and hurt my feelings. emotional because i had to find my feet on that by myself.

oh, and third, i started my fucking period. all of that...and it has the nerve to show up today, on day

so was a really great party. the rock climbing gym was awesome and it was a blast watching everyone. i got to hang with everyone, cheer for everyone, talk to my sis and company, talk to everyone was a lot of freaking fun. the food was good. the cake was accepted...(zucchini and all) and the presents were even awesome! then we spent the next day kayaking. how much better can it get? i am grateful, and proud, and amazed, and excited, and was just the coolest weekend.

(ok, so why do i feel slightly miserable and weepy today?)
peace out

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