Monday, August 6, 2007

happy birthday, little e man...

i have a post brewing...i'm afraid it might be a bit over-steeped, to be honest. but it'll have to wait. today's e's 4th birthday. it's funny to watch my family feeling our baby-est growing up. it affects them all. each of his brothers made a gift of some sort for him. i've never seen my kids spontaneously set out to have a gift for someone--ever. he really still is, in a lot of ways, glue that binds us...with love and laughs, of course.

so the cake is cooling and we've opened a few presents. we'll make pizza tonight, and today has just been a buffet of crap. well, after the whole wheat plus milled flax seed blueberry muffins for breakfast...which, uh, no one ate. i only ate one. dude, let me tell you, those tasted waaay "healthy".... :)

happy birthday, little bit...

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