Saturday, December 29, 2007


i just don't feel well today... i'm sore, i'm tired, my stomach feels sour. probably all the damn lone star my dad left here. i've only had one or two a night, but i think that might be it...drinking turpentine in a can can't be good for you, right?

maybe it's a virus...n doesn't feel great either. seems to feel a lot like i do right now. but then i also feel uber hormonal. and i think my period is coming. i kind of lost track with the holidays and all... sometime in the next pms is likely.

i've been feeling kind of toxic. like emotionally toxic. but then i took it easy today...rested...fell asleep in the bathtub (wow, that's disorienting)...took a nap. i feel a little better. i'll just have to keep it low key for a few more days. and i want to eat total crap, too. that's annoying....

so today, e was giving me a kiss. and he kisses my collar, and i say "thanks" and he says, "unfortunately, i ashkually kissed your shirt..." he has the best words. i really love it when he tells me he does something "askidentally."

n went to a friend's house yesterday. he was invited to spend the night, and i think if i hadn't asked him he would've done it. but when i explained that i didn't really know the parents all that well and would he be comfortable handling whatever might come up, well, he decided he'd hang til nine or ten and then ask me or dad to pick him up. i hope i'm not freaking him out, making him weird or distrustful...but it felt good to speak openly and honestly with him and have him come up with a solution he was comfortable with.

o is a wii addict. and he's not a very pleasant teammate. which is something that responds well to dad therapy....this is where the dad is his teammate and makes occasional errors and that helps the eight year old to break the habit of saying, "man, what's your problem?" every time his teammate makes a mistake. he has the damned cutest dimples in the world, though....both sets.

and s is cool as ever. he is so me. but i like him so much more most of the time. he takes all the quirks we share and makes them so much more endearing than i do. he shows me how to be a better, more patient person all the time.

ok, just had to get those out. these are some damned fine kids i get to walk with. so glad they picked us...whether or not they'll admit it.

ok, maybe not so blah after all....maybe more bla....


Anonymous said...

it's mild extendend family poisoning...smduge teh house and take two more simonoliezranicnats and call me in the morning...oh wait it is morning...

earthmama said...

smudging is a good idea, mama... and it'll make the house smell all funky for any visitors the next day...added bonus! :)