Friday, December 14, 2007

normal day?

so i think today has been a more "normal" the sense that i've done a number of different things, the kids have been outside and busy (thank GOD for the nice weather today), and i've been in contact with a number of people today, and that, i'm kind of embarrassed to say, is what is particularly unusual.

i've talked to mama hope, mama jerrie, patsy (prayers for her, please), my kids (of course, but we worked a jigsaw puzzle tonight, so that was concentrated and wonderful), my bil, my sil, my sister (woo-hoo!), the mamas on my mama board, a few emails, even a brief call to a different sil....oh, and my husband, too, for a bit. i think that was everyone....

all that to say that i don't have a particular thing to blog about. when my attention gets spread out, there's not one particular thing eating at me or that i'm perseverating on (the autistic part of me). soooo....

peace, goodwill, and joy to all...i got packages mailed today and life is good.

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