Sunday, June 22, 2008

good kind of weary

so my spouse was off this weekend....alllllll weekend. ('cept that little rounding thing on saturday morning that i'm not counting.)

we are tired folks. the men in my family...wait, the males in my family dug a trench to lay a pipeline that would allow us to have a faucet near our garden instead of unrolling the hose across the yard to the garden and then rolling it back up. i think the whole deal will be finished either tuesday or wednesday and should make maintaining our garden--that is now producing, might i add--a little easier. yep, you heard me right...a whole chinese long bean and two cherry tomatoes. i know, i know...a meal fit for a king... (of the fleas, huh?)

i was still not feeling too great this weekend, so i mounted my attack on the inside. well, i did mow the backyard, which is one of my favorite things to do for some reason...well, i know the reasons. i sweat. the birds love it. and the yard looks so pretty afterward. although, i was thinking, as i was mowing and watching all the bugs jump this way and that to avoid the mower, that if we (yes, the bugs and i) could enter into a sort of rental agreement, i could give them notice of when i'll mow so they could make arrangements to be gone...say, next door. i don't know why it was bothering me to think i was probably halving the critter in the grass population, but it was. probably because david sedaris read a story about a male ladybug and a common garden ant...or something like that.

whoa, that was quite a tangent. anyway, i worked inside...primarily laundry. i also folded and helped the kids put away everything i washed, which is usually a job done over a couple of weekends (if the kids don't just wear all the clean stuff out of the piles before it ever even reaches their dressers). i also cooked, cleaned, prepped, all that. so we didn't eat crap convenience food this weekend and that was nice. we actually fired up the grill twice. i think that's how many times we'd used the grill since moving here a year ago.

so i was going to bullet off these little thoughts of mine over the weekend, but i'll save it for a different day. right now i am tired. and i think my family is pretty tired too. (except for the littlest who is way too obsessed by video games right now...but we're taking a two day sabbatical and i think that will help.) we'll see....

it was so freaking cool to work together as a family over the weekend. it made me realize how little time we've had all together in the past few months. and how important it is. i think i always figured it would come, and it always seemed to, so even though time's been limited before, i think i was still able to take it for granted. but this first year of residency was kind of hard. not so much the first half, but the second half really kicked our butts. and it happened so subtly, we were blaming each other for being selfish without ever realizing how thin we were being spread and how little of our needs were being met as a family. it snuck up on me. but i am ever so grateful for those who've lifted my family up...either in words, with shared space, or in prayers. we're doing fine now...

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JO said...

Hugs, babe. Glad you had some good time together this weekend. Been thinking about you guys a lot.