Saturday, June 21, 2008

nothing's gonna change my world

i've been singing this line over and over in my head for the past week, and then i pop into a friend's blog this morning to see these same was a happy irony.

my spouse has his first weekend off since april. (well, he is rounding on patients as i type, but i am not going to count that, see?...) this was cause to celebrate. we went out to eat last night, but the taco place we went to was running soooo slowly, so we went to pick up some milk, the stuff to make bean and cheese tacos, some cream soda (because this is what made it okay with my children that we left the taco place), other stuff i can't remember... came home and made tacos...the children ate them all. (yeah, maybe children is misleading, huh?) so dh went and got us some sushi (i know, it's a hard life...). but here's where it got kind of crazy...

because he talked to his niece, who is preggers, for an hour. (she had a few questions, concerns, such) and so in this time, after folding two loads of laundry, i called a mama friend to check on her littlest real quick. and in that time, two mamas i hadn't talked to in forever called, as well as my sister who i ended up ignoring because it was getting kind of crazy at that point. one mama i hadn't heard from in so long, i was getting concerned about...really concerned. turns out her phone system isn't working. also turns out she thinks her teenager may be sexually active...which tells me her falling off the face of the earth was partly a technical difficulty and partly a survival mechanism. i didn't get to talk to her long, but i'll talk to her again soon. it was good to connect and just the few words we shared conveyed so much. i'm really glad she called. the other mama, i had a feeling was doing alright, just busy, and that was mostly true too. but it was good talking to her. she has a friend she's been really concerned about, so i gave her an ear to put some of those concerns in and bounce some things off of so she could get back in there and keep on being a good friend. it was good, too, and i'm really glad she called. it was just funny to hear from both of them on the same night within minutes of each other.

but our sushi didn't get eaten. at least not more than a few pieces we each had alone while the other was on the phone. last night was funny to me because i know how wiped out my spouse and i have been feeling lately. and if you'd have asked us earlier in the day, we probably wouldn't have been sure we'd even have enough energy to be kind to one another last night. yet, there we were, recharged because we actually found something to offer other folks we loved.

i wrote earlier about how i've been drawn to focus on our similarities instead of our differences. sometimes i feel like my life is so different from what it used to be. (particularly since starting this journey with medicine) usually i'm mourning what i feel i've lost when i'm thinking that...wishing it was back to the same....missing whatever is not there anymore. but then i have moments when i realize that life is really, at its core, the same, no matter how different it might seem. i am a good person, humbled by the numbers of good people that come through and share life with me, trying to grow the good in the world around them. and as many things as may change, that has always stayed the same.

life is good. thank you, thank you, thank you...


corscorp said...

I remember high school was so weird, every kid was expressing their individuality yet I had something in common with everyone.

corscorp said...

Editing myself: .. something different in common with everyone.