Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the girl with the weight of the world in her hands

this is an indigo girls song that i was thinking about last night. probably because of some of the comments my friend ken left about duality and non-duality. this song used to make me cry when i was a teen/young twenty year old. i could never decide if emily wrote it about herself or about someone else. i always figured it was a little bit both. i always felt like i was a little bit both.

maybe i'll come back later and blog about these hilarious kids of mine...or something a little less intense. i'm feeling a little heavy, but like i'm ready to lighten up we'll see.

until then, here's the video. and i don't watch television. we don't have cable. so i have no idea what show this footage comes from. it says "bsg" in the you tube description, but my inexperience with tv leaves me blank on what that might stand for. but i don't think i want to watch the show, either...looks too intense... :)

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Anonymous said...

Battle Star Galactica rocks.