Wednesday, June 18, 2008

some random ramblings

i've got a cold right now...and while i feel better than i normally feel when my body is fighting something, mornings are rough and so are afternoons. and i am looking forward to laying down a lot this afternoon when we've dropped off the friend my children have had over to visit.

but i do want to remind myself that i want to take the kids out to watch the moon rising tonight. it is supposed to be, or appear, huge. and whether it's an optical illusion or not, i'd still like for them to see it.

sometimes i catch myself waiting for something...only i'm not sure what exactly i'm waiting for. but i can feel the anticipation building... i don't know. it's something i've become aware of and i'm kind of baffled by.

communication is getting better between my spouse and i. baby steps. but it's good timing because we really need to unite and throw out the screens for awhile. the kids are soooo dependent on a screen to entertain them right now. and i don't even care if they watch's all the video games... we will get there.

ok, sneeze attack. i'm out of here.

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LanaTron said...

Like the new blogroll...I want one!!!

I also have to consider a running log, only, of course mine would be walking, not running...unless you count those interval training runs...which haven't been very many...but it might keep me a little more motivated to have a place to share...hmmm