Thursday, June 19, 2008

mama's night out

so i get to go with a friend to a book store to hear david sedaris speak and maybe get him to sign his new book for me. he is funny...extremely a very irreverent way. he's even funnier than anne lamott in some ways. but he doesn't always extract such beautiful meanings out of the stories he tells. yet, his stories are still quite beautiful at times, too. i have been reading him this week, and laughing out loud quite a bit...a very deep laugh, i must admit, though... i am sorry to have such a crappy cold on a day i am so excited to be going out. but like i told my cyber mama tribe, i guess you can't have it all.



*Jess* said...

Have a great time!! :)

Tiffane said...

That sounds like a great time. David Sedaris? I haven't heard of him before.

How was that moonrise anyway? The weather over here was yucky.

I hope you feel better soon.