Wednesday, September 24, 2008

gently and cautiously

so, there's a lot going on lately. life, whatnot. my head's been a pretty busy place, too. and my calendar? i'm ignoring it tonight...

i do know that times like this i would usually go wildly searching for something, make sense of it all, anchor me, stop it from happening, make it go away, make it funny, to eat, to drink, to distract me, whatever. but i'm kind of just sitting here waiting...watching...what can i say? life seems to move at the same pace whether i'm freaking out about it or not...

there's a lot i want to say...a lot i want to discuss. but some of it is so personal. and not just my personal stuff. and while i rarely use names, i still feel better to work on things on my own for a little longer until i share them...because even though the work is mine, it's often in response to things going on in the lives of those i love. i'm pretty sure they wouldn't care if i wrote about it here, but, well, i like to stress over useless let a girl have her fun.

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