Monday, September 22, 2008

quick check in

i am not exactly "back," but i can feel some rhythm coming back into things...thank god.

i want to post this quote in the book i just started...

Anyone can become angry--that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, in the right way--this is not easy.

yeah, that's pretty much about it...

well, and then this other quote in the book i just finished, i know this much is true, by wally lamb. man, that was a long book...almost nine hundred pages. and i don't know that what he said could have been said in less. but it was painful stuff at, so much like life. pretty much, this book was like counseling...not the kind that leaves you feeling validated and lighter, either...the kind that lets you know you still have a lot of work to do and yes, you will get around to it because it will just sit there, fucking everything up, until you do. so how's that for an endorsement? anyway, the quote...

..."That's the trouble with survival of the fittest, isn't it, Dominick? That corpse at your feet. That little inconvenience."

so, otherwise, i'm plunking along merrily...snort. hsing is happening. dh's vacation is almost over and he is almost back to work. (why is it that these times of "rest" always seem to set the agenda for the "work" to be done in the months ahead?...just wondering.) i DID get to hold my grand niece...yes, she's perfect. and her mama wears motherhood beautifully. papa does, too.
okay...i'm out of here.

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