Friday, September 12, 2008

welcome to the monkey house

i used to use this phrase to mean, "welcome to chaos"... but a friend of mine calls her kiddos her monkeys, so i feel better using this title in that context.

a friend of mine has evacuated her home, in response to hurricane ike's impending arrival, to the safety of my home. and as a result, there are now eight monkeys running around here... and it is a bit of chaos...but it's a happy chaos. and that's about all i have to say about that...

except...there are some loved ones who didn't evacuate...who stayed for work or whatever...and for those folks, i ask some prayers or protective energy.


JO said...

Wow, I bet your house is the craziness right now, but in a good way.

And definitely sending thoughts and prayers for those still in the scary place.

corscorp said...

I've got one, too, in Rockport. A friend, not a monkey. (fingers crossed for everyone)