Friday, September 26, 2008

someone else's words...

a response i got to see today sent to a mama second guessing herself in her decision to reminded me of a friend i know, but i also know the person who wrote this, so it just made me smile and i wanted to put it here to save... (the technological equivalent of printing it, folding the paper in half, and sticking it in the book or journal that is current for me...)

Scott Peck defines Love as being "the willingness to improve one's self for
the benefit of another".

Much though people would like to believe in right or wrong, IMHO there is no
such thing -- there's only up or down the scale of better and not-so-better,
and you often don't know which way points to "better" because there's NO way
to know all the variables. So you agonize, you second guess yourself, and
then you pays your money and you takes your chance.

And you live with the lumps be they coal or gold.

True love is tough, and leads to much soul-searching.

So while you're agonizing, ponder this:

James Arthur Ray said: "Refusing to forgive is like taking a poison and
expecting the other person to get sick".

I say the only place that really works (meaning you poison the intended
person) is when the person you won't forgive is yourself. Poisoning
yourself for making a mistake is no different than poisoning your child
because THEY made a mistake.

And finally, coal is the substance of which diamonds are made...

Hope this helps


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