Monday, December 15, 2008

one good thing, day seven (a day late)

i didn't blog yesterday because i was too busy to sit down and blog.

we went to mass yesterday morning, which was good, because we haven't been in so long and i just always know it will be a better week if i've gone to mass.

we went to breakfast yesterday morning, which was very good...gordito pastor, thankyouverymuch...good stuff.

then my robotics team met and that was good, too.

then we went to a christmas party for second born's robotics team...that was really a lot of fun. and it wasn't just because of the martinis either... those are some fun parents. and the kids had a lot of fun, too. just running around and playing together.... and they're all pretty sweet (even though they are all male...) and take care of each other, which is even gooder, uhm, i mean better.

so it was raining good yesterday.

i thoroughly enjoyed doing this meme and will probably add it to my regular daily blogging just to keep it good...

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