Wednesday, December 10, 2008

one good thing, day three

today's good thing, my sil's battery died. now, i realize this may not seem like a good thing right away. my spouse did stay home from work today, and that was good, too. because when sil called, the mister and i were able to go pick her up, take her to get our nephew, then go back to her car and jump it, then follow her to get a new battery where spouse helped her and i entertained nephew. it was really nice to be able to hang together, spouse and i, and help someone who we also happen to think the world of and enjoy hanging with.

my second born also rubbed my head for fifteen minutes....heaven.

i also covered the kids' windows with big blankets and that is very good because i think their room will be much warmer at night...that felt so good to get this one done....for me and for them, methinks.

and it snowed in lanatron's area of the world today...the idea of her kids seeing it snow made me very, very happy.

this is all really good stuff...

(i can't help but think in the back of my head that if this meme was about naming three things, i'd probably have a hard time thinking of one, but this is just how my brain works...always looking for how i need to step out of my box...oh well)

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