Tuesday, December 16, 2008

still flying the good flag

ever try really hard to keep your good flag flying? then maybe it starts to fall over, and you got to get it up again? and you're wondering what it keeps leaning on that keeps moving that makes it all wobbly?... yeah, well, i know about that...

got cookies made yesterday and hung with mama friend and cool kiddos...gooooood.

christmas carolling practice again today...more gooood.

gingerbread house making afterward. now, my guys and i have never done this before. so it was pretty fun. i may do another at home so teenager might get a little more involved. youngest was cheering me on as i got the thing put together...fun times.

christmas party at the rock gym...more goodness.

times can be lonely, times can be tense...but i keep looking for good.

i do want to post a quote from the dalai lama's book on this post...he's moving to the dependent arising nature of things, and this is so simple, it goes way over my head...so....

"Because dependent and independent are a dichotomy, when you see that something cannot be independent or functioning under its own power, there is no other option but to see that it is dependent."

so i think i got that part...i think...i'm never too sure with the dalai lama, i have to admit. so then it talks about existence being dependent on different things...certain causes, its parts, and thought. so when he lost me...

"The 'I' definitely does exist, but when it exists yet cannot be found, we have to say that it arises in dependence upon thought. It cannot be posited any other way."

i mean, i see it a little...but then it disappears and i have no clue. i'm working on it...i'm working on it.

oh, and one more good thing...i was feeling a little lonely last night. i mean, i'd hung for hours with a friend...and had a really, really good time. but last night was a little wobbly...then i got three christmas cards from my cybermama tribe. it was the best universal hug...and they all sent pics of their kids! i'm running out of pics from this year, but i think if it's someone new to send a card to, i'll just send last year's pic because it was great fun to see every one's families.

and so ends today's ramble...


LanaTron said...

Don't feel bad, mama. I got hung up on that last one, too.

I kind of think it might be this:

And individual's perception of himself or herself is based on just that...perception. Who we are, and who we think other people are, is dependent on our thoughts of ourselves and others.

But maybe I'm seeing this too much through my Western culture.

Anyway...That "when it exists yet cannot be found" part is troubling, though, in relation to "I." I don't quite get that.

Talk to you soon.

earthmama said...

it makes me think that when i can't find nathan, all i have to do is think about him, and he'll suddendly appear...snort.

which i know in some ways is true...i've felt like my grandmother was visiting me last week because i kept smelling ponds cold cream and it was like she was really there...only she's been dead for eleven years.

so yeah...still chasing my tail over here...fun times, fun times. :)