Monday, December 1, 2008

made it through

for now anyway...

it was alright, even though i didn't get counseled today. hoperadio gave me a call and we laughed and were generally miserable together, which is great fun when you can do it in a humorous way...which is a highly underrated talent, by the way, but one that, thank god, we both possess.

and then i spent the evening with my robotics team. i don't believe i have mentioned here that our competition is this saturday. and i'm not really good with competition. like, i think everyone should get a prize just for showing up and trying. and it's really kind of funny because my co-coach is pretty comfortable competing. she's a pusher. and that's fine. sometimes we need pushers...i know this. but this whole week before competition/trying to pull it all together/let's try not to forget where our happy place is is kind of frying my nerves a little. i mean, i'm sure i'll make it through. and my teenager is starting to talk to me about this stuff...and listen to me too. so hopefully i won't corrupt him too much...i don't know.

ok, now, i had one more quote from eragon i wanted to put's from brom again.

"Keep in mind that may people have died for their beliefs; it's actually quite common. The real courage is in living and suffering for what you believe."

i'm almost finished with eldest. and while i really love this book, harvesting quotes from it isn't as easy. so i'll save them for when i'm finished.

now i must go work on the poster for my robotics team. and i suppose i should also throw together some cookies for the end of semester shindig my cooperative effort is giving itself tomorrow. thank god i got all the stuff i needed for that event ready last week, which is very unusual for me to be ready ahead of time, but enough of a delight that i may actually attempt this again another time....if i can remember.
peace out

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