Tuesday, December 9, 2008

one good thing, day two

funny thing...when you blog day one in the morning, and wait until day two evening to blog, you feel pretty sure you've missed a day somewhere in there...but apparently not.

my whole day was my good thing today. got my run in this morning. went to christmas carolling practice with my hs co-op group. went to lunch with the mamas (and our kids, but the bestest good part was hanging with the mamas). (it was extra good just to throw caution to the wind and just go pay for lunch and have a great time) then rock climbing, where the manager talked to me about teenager swapping volunteer hours for membership on their climbing team, which was good for teenager, but he still has to look at next semester to see if he really has time... home to clean up and put up lights, decorate the tree, yada yada... only not so good thing was dh is home sick...but he may take tomorrow off to heal, and i think that makes it a good thing in the end. so today...rampant goodness.

i have a blog about some insight into growing as parents that i talked to the-rapist about yesterday...but i told the story again today so i wouldn't forget it. so i think i can wait to blog it...mostly, i just don't want to forget it and putting it down in words will help.

oh, and for a bonus, one weird thing...dh drove home in frozen rain...how crazy is that in texas? it's like it's winter or something...i dunno...

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*Jess* said...

I love christmas caroling! I need to find a group that goes door-to-door and join them :) Have fun!