Saturday, March 1, 2008

forward, i suppose

so it was a get trampled in a soccer game (well, it was my eight year old's team), clean rabbit cages, read anne lamott kind of day. and i ate an avocado. what more could a woman want?

well, there was that god awful, stick ice picks in my eyeballs fight with my spouse. but really...what difference does that make in the grand scheme of things?...

where did we get this whole "two united into one" idea? jesus? was he ever even married? i know there's debate on it, but really, if those words came out of his mouth, i have my doubts... make no mistake...we are two. two united into one MOST of the time is good, i guess.....SOME of the time is commendable, really...every once in awhile...maybe that's just more realistic. i don't know. but i find that when i remember we are, in fact, two, and not one, i am better able to face whatever the hell is wrecking us.

well, and talking to my sister and using words typically associated with sailors helps a whole hell of a lot, too.

that, and the crown and coke...well, that's the progress i've made today.


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*Jess* said...

I've always taken it to mean SEX. That's it. Other than joining at the hip, men and women totally are completely separate beings. And no one ever said you have to agree with your spouse, even Jesus :P