Monday, March 24, 2008

how embarrassing (and thanks...)

(this is supposed to be a picture of a "you make my day award"'s cute...little red tulip on a blue background, but it is not working for me and i've exhausted my patience for this project. for what it's worth, hope radio was here this week and couldn't get it to look right either...)

so i've been kind of busy. and my blog's shown it. my house is getting painted and a fence got built in my garden, but my blog, she's kind of lonely...

and of course, my friend hope gives me an award during this time. i think she gave it to me, like, days ago...but she's come to visit and is like, wtf? did you get you f-ing award yet or what?!?! (i'm making this all g-rated--sort of--because our kids are here)

so thank make many of my days, mama hope.

and i'll be back in a couple of days to pass it along to five people i know and love in cyberspace.


(be back another time to get the award right)

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