Monday, March 3, 2008


so we were supposed to go hear jim weiss tell stories today...for two hours, with a small intermission. in person. it was a little over an hour away, but our first "thing" like know, plays, music, performance "thing" type stuff... anyway. a cold has laid us out. o is blowing and blowing and blowing and definitely sounds like he should cut back his two pack a day habit... my eyes are so puffy, my throat hurts. i think we're all getting it. cept n, and that's just because he was gone working at the pharmacy all last weekend.

so no jim weiss. we will take it easy. i will give the big two a little bit of work...nothing to strenuous, for me.

oh, did i mention the rain? it has been falling since last night...hard, never lets up for more than half an hour at a time. it's kind of cool and i really do like days like this every once in awhile. but we poured some concrete to put in posts for the fence for the garden, and well, i'm kind of wondering what all this rain will do to that...probably nothing...

and my second born is giving me a seedling update...sunflowers are easy to grow. grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are growing. broccoli is doing well. there's a little lime basil coming up. and the cucumbers have broken through the soil. all my little newborns....

ok, need to make some tea for everyone.


Tuffy said...

This posting made me miss home, wherever that is now. My daughter tells us that home is "wherever Mommy and Daddy are." I hope you all recover soon to frolic in the rain.

Tiffane said...

That stinks you missed the story telling. I hope you feel better soon.

Jim Weiss once helped me come up with a couple of character voices I could use when reading stories to my kids.