Thursday, March 13, 2008

sharing space

so, i shared some space wednesday night with anne lamott. not a very close space and there were many people sharing it with us, but it was still really cool. she's beautiful. in a white woman with dread locks kind of way. she could be my stepmom from the neck down. she was funny, and generous, and kind, and holy, and so, so normal. it was inspiring, really.

and the people watching was great. i kept looking around thinking, "so, this is what annie's other readers look like..." one woman had dread locks...i couldn't help but think, "come on sweetheart...find your own identity..." snort...i am a crazy one. but it was a beautiful crowd. mostly women. some husbands dragged along....made me think of when i drag N to indigo girls concerts and he's one of two straight men in the whole concert. the women dressed differently, carried themselves differently, had on different jewelry which really becomes the stratifier in a socio-economic way...but they all had these great smiles on their faces. it was cool. i tried to remember to smile, too. it seemed required of annie's readers... :)

ok, i am swamped in the head, so i chose to write about the highlight of the week. i think it lacks feeling and that would be because my feeling is all bound up in about six different issues right now, only one of which lives directly in my house, but it's with the mister, so it's a big one. i am so glad i went to anne lamott's reading and book signing because i really needed something great to look back on that i was able to do alone, even when i really didn't want to go alone. hopefully, i'll find a little peace through some hard labor this weekend and won't be so emotion-tied next week.


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