Wednesday, April 9, 2008


i was struck this afternoon by how brightly spring has sprung. it's been getting greener for awhile...but today, everything was so bright green, it was kind of breathtaking. one of the things that made it so, so green was that the sky was so grey and overcast. kind of funny to me, for some reason. like when my eyes are so bright green after i cry...

i don't know the exact significance of the green...but it meant something to me. i felt it inside.

i finished the his dark materials trilogy today. it was so beautiful. i think on top of all the different things that have been going on the past week or so, reading that trilogy made them that much more exhausting and that much more poignant. i'm really glad i read it.



Tiffane said...

I noticed how very green the leaves looked today too. Also worth noting is while waiting at a traffic light in heavy traffic, I noticed my toddler was just staring up through the window at the leaves in the tree growing in the median. That was all she could see and I marveled at the peacefulness and beauty of those moments.

BTW - I got two Anne Lamott books from the library. I didn't have time to be selective as I almost lost my carefree tot sprinting through the book aisles. Anyway, I got Crooked Little Heart and All New People. I must confess that I am going to read my next Star Wars book first, because I don't know any better. :)

*Jess* said...

The colors of spring have really been striking me too this year :)

corscorp said...

I took a photo the other day like you are describing here. I love green.

earthmama said...

tiffane, read all new people first. i had such a hard time getting into crooked little heart...i had to check it out twice. but i think all new people was a lot easier to get into.

you read star wars books? :)