Sunday, April 20, 2008

the calm before the storm?

or maybe it's just the normal weather of life?

it's been a very long, very emotional, very good/bad/wonderful/disappointing/devastating/
exciting/feel-good/feel-awful/scary/centering/mind-clearing/mindfucking kind of weekend.

i don't even want to recall it. i'm just glad it's almost over. perhaps the regular routine of life will ease some of this...perhaps not. i don't know.

left foot, right foot, breathe... (and a little help me, too)


ps--here's this indigo girls song that's been in my head for awhile. it makes me cry every time i hear it. i'm not exactly sure what the song's about or why it makes me cry, but in this you tube video, someone set some snippets of obi wan kenobi to the song, which definitely added a different dimension to it...i think. i don't think it makes me cry because of obi wan, though...i'm pretty sure about that.

and one last video. someone special to me took this video and posted it for someone special to them, but they sent me a link so that i could see it, too. (because i'm a you tube-aholic, i think) anyway, i won't tell you who she is, but i can promise you she has no icky bowel functions that i am aware of... (i swear...) the band playing is called rasputina and yes, they're playing cellos. watch the whole thing...they do a "classic" song at the end.


Anonymous said...

you forgot to say half a bottle of you mama!

corscorp said...

I don't know what to say, honey. :( I hope your world improves and fast. XOXOXO

LanaTron said...

You're away is a beautiful song. I didn't really get to hear all the lyrics...long story...but I certainly can feel it.

Hang in there, mama!

lilizzyykittyymom said...

Sending lots of hugs, good thoughts and good energy to you... I am so sorry!