Wednesday, August 27, 2008

checking in

i checked in with my spouse today. because it felt good to do it. because we finally had some free time with no painting or sleeping or tolerating each other... (yeah, we've done a fair amount of that lately...and when you're focused so much on tolerance, conversation can be, well, strained...)

i really do like him for the most part. he is funny. and smart. and thoughtful. and kind. generous. gentle. i'm sure it's just how stressed our time is lately that makes these things seem not so obvious...or important at times.

we talked about schedules. the fact that oldest isn't sure he believes in god, but is kind of wanting to do cce classes (i asked dh, is it okay for kids to ask questions in cce?...). we talked about therapy, mama friends, my mother, our niece, his dad, traveling this weekend. he started to tell me about being one of the few men on residency with a lot of women...apparently he takes quite a bit of crap...but he didn't get to finish that. i have to remember to ask him about that...

life is picking up around here. we have met some really nice people. made some really great friends. it's been amazing, to be honest. when i'm not too full of myself and my own crap, i really am grateful. my kids really have a good circle of friends...little and big, young and grown...and for this, i am happy. what's that song? "make new friends, and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold." yeah, goofy...but perfect.

now, if only i could get myself on the treadmill this week...

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JO said...

I love that n wants to do the CCE classes. He's a deep one.

Hugs, mama.