Thursday, August 14, 2008

resting for a minute

it has been some dynamic times lately. seems like they always are, to be honest. but getting through a particularly busy summer, full of things you are awake and aware of...that's something, too. lots of growing, lots of learning...i'm tired, to be honest. and there's so much going on this next semester... i'm sure it will be fine. i spoke to my dh about it and let out a little of the steam that was was good. of course, then he got all bent out of shape over some skirts on his way out the door, so maybe it stressed him out some, i don't know... i do know that he and i both will get through the next few years with a lot of support and a lot of faith....and prayers and meditation and probably wine, too.

so why the picture? my five year old is proud beyond words at his math book... he's an official kindergartner...well, as official as we get around here. and the fact that he asks me five times a day to help him with his math, and tells me as many times how much he loves math, and expects me to drop everything to do said math...well, i may not show it each time i'm asked, but i do love it. as always, it's awesome watching your child find something they love. (and yes, we often do our school work in our underwear around here...)


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JO said...

I love this post. All of it. :)