Tuesday, August 5, 2008


my niece had her baby last night... (that's not part of the zombie post...just a pre-script i had to get out)

i have finished the stephenie meyers books. the twilight saga, i think they're called. twilight, new moon, eclipse, and then breaking dawn. i enjoyed them a lot, but i will admit the last one got...tedious. and i found myself psychoanalyzing the author a lot in that book, wondering if this is her fantasy or what...but maybe i reveal too much about my own fictional writing by saying that, i don't know. (i haven't written fiction in sooo long...)

i was obsessed over finishing this story, though. it was kind of disorienting. i truly felt like a zombie. i mean, i really haven't done much but read the past few days...it was all i could think about. and my head kind of hurts from it. i think my knees are sore from so much sitting and reading, too. this was fun, having a good story to be excited about reading, but i'm also glad it's over. i am sure my kids will be glad it's over, too. i know my spouse will be happy....snort.

so, now to life as usual...

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