Sunday, August 31, 2008


what a lovely weekend. i do not see my stepmother's family often enough.

my grandparents are doing well...they are the ones i've mentioned before that have alzheimer's. but they are on good meds now and doing better than i had heard they were doing. they're a little skinnier and so look a little frailer, but at least they were fairly coherent and sweet and happy to see us, even though they weren't quite sure who all of us were.

we hung out at my uncle's lake house yesterday. the kids got too much sun, had way too much fun, and the adults got a little too crass, but it was all in good fun. i am so, so glad i went. it had been awhile since we'd really gotten to hang out with my dad and stepmom, too. and that was really quite good. and it's always a good time when my sister's around. we are now purple haze buddies...

and while i was gone, sarah palin was picked at the republican vp candidate... i really hate it when stuff like that happens and i'm too busy having fun to obsess over reading about what the hell happened. i've also missed out on checking on gustav's progress. i know my aunt in new orleans is evacuating...moving stuff out of dodge. it's weird when the world goes on without me...and didn't even seem to notice i was gone...snort. (i've been snorting a lot lately...have you noticed this? i have...)

so there are lots of things i want to write about. but we have our first meeting of our inclusive homeschool co-op on tuesday and while i've been mentally preparing, my lesson plan sheets are, well, empty. so i have to work on those things. art with littles, philosophizing with middles. this semester will feed parts of me that i haven't fed so well in a long time. i can't wait to see what the kids will teach me.



lilizzyykittyymom said...

I can't wait to see what the kids teach you too!

LanaTron said...

Have a great first day, mama! I'll be thinking about you and your guys, too.